Papillo, From the Streets of Costa Rica to Portland Oregon

Papillo wants you to take him home!

Papillo, a totally sweet two-year-old 30-pound mutt with an unlikely story, is looking for a new home.

A month ago Papillo was living in Costa Rica unsure of his fate, as he had been hit by a motorcycle and was unable to use his hind legs. Sarah Foster, a veterinary technician who runs a clinic in Costa Rica called Nosara Animal Care rescued him when he was found dragging himself by his front paws.

Sarah took an especially strong liking to Papillo due to his positive attitude and gentile nature. She contacted Rochelle Low, a veterinary neurological specialist here in Oregon who works at VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialist in Clackamas.

So began Papillo’s journey to Oregon. Rochelle picked him up after his long flight, and brought him into the clinic to x-ray his spine. “Unfortunately the MRI showed the worst, his spinal cord was totally severed, and he would not be able to walk again,” says Low. “He had such a wonderful personality we decided to find a way to help him thrive, so we bought him a wheelchair”

Papillo loves his cart. The day I photographed him he had run a couple of miles and played in the park. He love walks, and play time, but also likes to just relax with people he knows “ Papillo is up and ready to play when you put on his cart, but really he’s the kind of dog that wants to bond to a person, to just hang out with them and watch TV” Says Low.

Papillo does require some extra care, and he needs a home with someone who has the time and level of commitment to provide him with it. Papillo lacks bowel and bladder control so he will need a diaper indoors. He also needs help expressing his bladder regularly, an easy skill to learn but one that must be done regularly to help avoid bladder infections. Since he is a small dog at only 30 pounds getting him in and out of his cart is a relatively easy procedure, and the chair is very easy to operate.

Papillo is about two years old, and weights about 30 pounds. He is available for adoption to the right home. Please contact VCA Northwest Vet Specialists in Clackamas at 503-656-3999 (ext 312) or email them at


Article and photo by Carli Davidson.

4 Responses to “Papillo, From the Streets of Costa Rica to Portland Oregon”
  1. Cindy says:

    What a sweet special boy. Here’s to hoping you find your forever home.

  2. Maria says:

    Good for you Papillo! Hoping you find a home soon!! This is a group of people that rescue “Papillos”

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